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About Our Company

At Pena’s Drywall, LLC, we have been helping hundreds of homes and business owners keep their homes and business top-notch and covering the whole stare of New Jersey.

We are an environmentally oriented, licensed, and insured company encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Our motto is: Give your home a new life and new image.

We can take on any drywall, painting, remodeling, carpentry, etc. works regardless of the size and hardships, delivering outstanding results.

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Peña’s Drywall LLC

All our professional services are designed for Residential and Commercial markets. Allow us to list some.

Peña’s Drywall LLC

Reasons To Hire Us!

We have a broad range of attributes that will make us your best option to execute your project with professionalism. Among them:

1. Our Mission

We will do whatever it takes to provide the best outcome on each one of our projects to build a bond based on trust with our clients, and give them the best professional reasons to call every time they need our services.

2. Fully Licensed And Insured

In addition to our many attributes, and to give you greater peace of mind, we are licensed and insured.

3. Environmentally Oriented

At Pena’s Drywall, LLC, we love to support 100% the care and conservation of the environment.

4. Residential and Commercial Services:

Whether you need our trusty professional services in your home or business, we are 100% behind you. Our vast experience belongs to you!

5. Free Estimates

No matter the size of the job, our estimates are free of any charge whatsoever.

6. High Quality Standards

We have great respect for you, and through our code of ethics rules, we guarantee the best results. Our well-trained staff will deliver superb outcomes. Best of all, what we do for work is a lovely passion.


Give your home a new life and new image.

We have ample experience in any of the fields we work; therefore, we can deliver efficient and timely results.

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